a question of purpose!

I’m starting this blog to firstly pursue my love for written expression but more importantly to connect with people, and in turn connect with life. Speaking of connection, how many of us can say that we are truly connected with life? Most of us are just aimlessly wandering through life as mindlessly as a mechanical component in a manufacturing assembly line. We have ambitions but no purpose, we are informed but not mindful, we have lifestyle but we don’t live.

So I went to the Tis Hazari family court for a hearing. A friend of mine had some legal work. Since i’m currently on vacation I just tagged along. I expected it to be a drab experience knowing our legal system, which it was for most parts, but there were some things that made me think about how pathetic human existence has become.

We arrived at around 9.30 am and were waiting for my friend’s name to be called out. It would take a while so we went to one of the shops within the court premises to grab something cool to drink. Being a dog lover( and generally all animals), I spotted the few strays lying lifeless in the few corners that had some shade. One dog in particular was drooling a bit. My friend got a cold drink for himself while I chose water. I had a few sips of water and then realized that may be that dog who was drooling may really need some water. So like any normal human being I arranged for a use and throw bowl from the neighboring shopkeeper, poured water in it and kept it in front of the dog. She started drinking the water immediately. I could see how badly she needed it. She ended up drinking my entire bottle which was fine cos the few sips I had taken initially were enough for me. Obviously she needed it more than I did.

While it was an overwhelming feeling of joy to have helped another living being it also made me wonder why on earth is this not the norm. Shouldn’t all of us be doing this naturally? I mean there were hundreds of people passing by that dog but no one even acknowledged her let alone notice that she needed water. It made me think of something my counselor always says to me. She says its very important to be mindful of everything around you. While its one thing to be mindful in terms of observing everything happening around us, its totally another thing to be mindful in our actions. I was beginning to realize the importance of what she said. I mean how many of us can say that we are truly mindful. Most of us are so consumed with our sense of entitlement that we don’t think beyond ourselves. We are busy chasing our dreams of making more money, buying that great house, going out with that hot chick that everyone wants to go out with, and of course taking selfies and mindlessly projecting ourselves through the loudspeaker of social media. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do things that we enjoy but is that all we want to do our whole lives? Isn’t there something more to us than just material things? People are always saying that they need to find a purpose and are reading so much material on the meaning of life, going through therapy and doing everything possible so that they get rid of this “emptiness” they feel all the time but to no avail. The reason is simple, we are not mindful. Its all very well to overload yourself with information on spirituality and the meaning of life but you must remember that it is just one person’s experience and perspective on life. Until you learn from experience and then be mindful in thought and action, the rest is just mute!

So after feeding the dog we went back into the court room to wait our turn. About an hour later my friend went in for his hearing while I waited outside. To kill time I just started observing the countless people present there. No one there looked happy, and what’s worse, I don’t think anybody even recognized that they were unhappy. It was like watching a herd full of zombies passing through those corridors. Then there was the occasional mud slinging match by estranged couples seeking a divorce. What is the point of hurling abuses at each other I thought? I mean if you are already in a court room isn’t it clear that the relationship is over? And I don’t get why people cling on to a dead relationship? But then when I think about it, I realise that this is a problem with all of us. Our idea of relationships is so skewed. Our insecurities have taught us to possess! We differentiate between “our people” and others, we love our kids but wont even acknowledge the helpless kid begging on the street, we want another person to be happy, but only with us! And I thought love meant letting the other person just be! Silly me!

We finished the hearing and I came home. But I knew I had to pen down these thoughts, if not for anyone else, for my own growth in this journey of understanding life. I think that just like any scientific theory which seems so complex to those who don’t understand it, life is very similar. For the one who gets it, its very simple! Be mindful and you will soon learn a lot of new things about everything you experience and you wont be just a component in an assembly line!

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